Cleaning the apartment

Please read the guidelines for cleaning the apartment when moving out, below. Unsatisfactory cleaning will be fined. To avoid this, you can arrange to have a janitor check the apartment after you have cleaned it. Please book an appointment in advance.

The flat/apartment
  • Wash workstations and other tables
  • Wipe chairs / vacuum clean
  • Wipe beds / vacuum clean
  • Wash bookshelves and lamps
  • Wash floors and lists (wash under beds and furniture)
  • Wash walls (remove footmarks under desks / beds)
  • Dust roof with a damp cloth
  • Wash wardrobe inside and out
  • Wash doors
  • Clean every windows from inside. Wash the reversible windows exterior as well.
  • Wash curtains at 30 degrees in machine. Do not use the dryer.
  • Wash colored top mattress at 60 degrees (see washing instructions)
  • Wash white stretch sheets / top mattress at 95 degrees. Do not use the dryer.
  • Shower curtains washed at 40 degrees with gentle drying
  • Clean mirror, sink, cabinets and toilets
  • Dust off floors, walls and ceilings with a damp cloth
  • Wash door
Communal hallway
  • Dust wipe the floors, walls, cabinets and with a damp cloth
  • Clean the storage room / wash and remove content
Shared kitchen
  • Empty and wash the drawers and cabinets
  • Empty the fridge
  • Please check out the washing lists and coordinate with the other residents of washing of the common areas.
Private kitchen
  • Empty and clean out drawers and closets (also upstairs closets) and clean the countertop
  • Wash walls and floors. Dust of the roof with a damp cloth.
  • Clean refrigerator, stove and kitchen ventilator thoroughly inside and out
  • Clean behind and under the stove after the cooker is pulled out from the bench.

Cleaning the communal areas

The students have to clean the communal areas themselves. The house guide can help you, by organizing cleaning lists. We expect the communal areas to be clean and tidy when you leave them. The areas must be cleaned thoroughly twice per semester. SiS housing will arrange these cleanings.

Fire instructions

Click here to read the fire instructions for SiS housing.


Studio-apartments are furnished with a mini-kitchen, bed, desk and wardrobe. All other apartments are unfurnished.


Please recycle everything you can. You’ll find garbage containers by the building. Please do not put garbage beside the containers, as this will not be picked up.

Giving notice when moving out

You must give notice at least two (2) months before moving out of your apartment. The only accepted method of giving notice is by using My Profile on Uni Alltid.

House guide

The house guide is your contact person, and link to SiS housing. The house guide has a number of social and practical duties:

  • Welcoming new tenants, and giving them practical information when moving in
  • Helping to organize cleaning and tidying of the communal areas
  • Arrange social activities for the tenants
  • Contribute to a good living environment and prevent conflicts

In unsafe or uncomfortable situations

After SiS’ opening hours, please contact Securitas (22 97 10 76) if you are experiencing unsafe episodes in your building. The same goes for vandalism, electrical problems, water leaks, etc.


You are responsible for insuring your own belongings.


Wifi is delivered by GET, and is included in your rent. To connect, please use the password typed on the router. Click here for a short step-by-step guide on how to get online.


You can collect your keys at Kitty Kiellands hus at the university campus (UiS). Please remember to bring your enrollment papers, and a receipt showing that you have paid the student fee. If anything is wrong with your apartment, please let us know immediately.

If you lose your keys after SiS’ opening hours, you can call Securitas (22 97 10 76) to get help. This will cost you 1000 NOK.

If you are moving out after opening hours, please leave your key in the hatch to the left of the main door to Kitty Kiellands hus. Seal your key in an envelope with your name and telephone number on front, first. You’ll find envelopes beside the hatch.


You have access to the communal laundry in the basement.

Moving out

When moving out, please remember to give notice, and to clean the apartment. It is to be handed over to SiS in the same condition as it was when you moved in. Click here for information on how to return your key, and access cards.

New contract/lease

Your contract gives you lease for one school year. You will be given an opportunity to apply for a prolonged contract during the middle of January. This contract has to be accepted within March 1st. Your rent will be revised from August 1st.


Parking is very limited, and students using a car are not advised to choose this building.

Pets and animals

No animals or pets are allowed in SiS housing.

Rent and payment

You do not have to pay a deposit to stay in SiS housing. Electricity, Internet and use of the laundry room is included in your rent.

The first payment for rent is due after you have moved in. You can collect your invoice from My profile on Uni Alltid, where you will find it at the start of each month. The invoice is due the 20th in the same month.

Reporting faults/defects

To report a fault or defect in your apartment, please use the inquiry-button on Uni Alltid.

Subletting your apartment

Click here to download the guidelines and contract on how to sublet your apartment to another student. Deliver the signed contract to SiS housing in Kitty Kiellands hus at the University of Stavanger (UiS).

Please remember that you are responsible for making sure that the bills are paid and for any damage to the property or premises.


You’ll find a TV with Chromecast in the common rooms. Here you can stream whatever you want. If you want TV-channels in your apartment, you’ll have to contact Get and become a customer.